Tegernseer Tal – a place in between heaven and earth. Nature at its best!!


Hauserdörfl/Waakirchen is the gateway to the Valley of Tegernsee and Landhaus Nessi is just 3km far away from the Lake Tegernsee.


The valley of Tegernsee has all you need:  Culture, Nature, Enjoyment - pure zest for life.


The Lake Tegernsee with its more elongated shape is around 73m deep, up to 1.4m wide and around 6.5km long. The panoramic walking trail around the see is 20km long and nice for cycling as well as walking. And if the weather isn´t as nice as expected you can easily reach Munich within 45min. The distance in between Munich and the Lake Tegernsee is just 50km.


He has emerged towards end of the last big glacial period (Würm) as the massive Tegernsee Glacier shaped a depression in between the mountains which later filled up with water. Due to a continuous circular runner the Lake Tegernsee is now one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria.